Are you Planning to Take a Trip to Escape Stress, or Do You Want to Get Away for Pleasure? 

New Wow Travel specialists can help you find that special place and bring the "Wow" factor to your next trip. Call us today at +961-03-823946 or +961-1-704308 to book an appointment. We are an established travel agency in Beirut  Lebanon, with nine years of experience helping happy travelers like yourself find that special trip.



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Wata Al Msaytbeh - Baghdad Street
Facing Al Daman Building
P: +961-1-704308
M: +961-3-823946


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New Wow Travel is specialized in travel services. For the last 9 years we have been providing outstanding ticketing and hotel check-in services for our clients. As well as our travel services to all countries we provide full packages for international tours to Istanbul, Cyprus, Malaysia and other vacation destination as well as local tours to all touristic sites in Lebanon.

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